The Bloomingvails Christmas NFT Collection

The Bloomingvails Christmas NFT Collection is in its inaugural season!

Some of you may have heard the term lately, it has been trending for sure to say the least. An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is your gift solution to all your gift challenges this christmas.

For the next three years we will mint unique, memorable, inspiring, and collectable Christmas NFT creations each year in collaboration with two talented digital artists. For our first year we are launching the collection with two Colombian artists, Kelly and Chris. Kelly is based in Medellin, Colombia and Chris is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You can see their works on their social media accounts, @kellposky on instagram and Cristina, @crispencil, also on instagram.

To purchase your Vail, Colorado Bloomingvails Christmas NFT click on the link below:

(black and white preview photo above)

An NFT is essentially a digital proof of ownership and authenticity. It is a new blockchain technology, and like msot new things it can be difficult to understand their value.

The new frontier that NFTs are crossing is something called digital scarcity. Digital scarcity allows all the digital artists who before could never sell their work, a new way to earn a living as creators. Imagine the Mona Lisa. You can get a cheap print nearly anywhere of this masterpiece, however the prints are cheap because we all know that the original is locked away in a muesum. The original is worth millions because we can certify that it is the original. Now we can prove which digital creation is the original, finally bringing scarcity to the digial art world.

Each NFT has a unique hash number that proves its authenticity and scarcity. Once you are the owner of your NFT you can trade, sell, or simply cherish you digital artwork.

Looking for a one of a kind gift? How about a gift that keeps on giving? How about sending a gift to someone far away from you? Last minute?

A Bloomingvails Christmas NFT is an ideal gift to give this Christmas!

Bloomingvails has been creating made to order Christmas wonderlands in the Vail Valley for over 30 years. We offer Christmas tree delivery, installation, and removal. We have all your lighting and decorative needs ready to go!

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