How to buy your Bloomingvails Christmas NFT

A simple walk through of how to buy your first Bloomingvails Christmas NFT on

The Bloomingvails Christmas NFTs are minted, or created, on the Solana blockchain. As such, you need to download a virtual wallet built for Solana. We like Phantom, so we will use it in the example.

You can download the phantom app here for your browser:

You will be given a 12 word password. This is for your eyes only and must be kept in a safe place. It is recommended to write down your 12 word password and do not store it on your phone or computer.

Now that you have your virtual wallet built for Solana, Phantom in our case, we need to fill it with some money, Solana in this case. There are many different companies that offer access to crypto and specifically Solana.

Since Vail is an international destination and Bloomingvails services international clientele we will recommend an international crypto exchange for today.

Huobi is one of many options you have for crypto exchanges. At Huobi you can buy crypto currency with fiat currency. You could, for example, buy Bitcoin and then exchange your Bitcoin for Solana. You will need to make an account with Huobi and this will include creating another virtual wallet, which then itself includes another 12 word password that must be stored safely and privately.

Once you have your account and wallet, you can either buy Solana directly with fiat currency or buy Bitcoin and later exchange the Bitcoin for Solana (the two easiest cryptos to exchange are Bitcoin and Ethereum ).

Finally, with Solana in our Phantom wallet, we make our way over to and specifically the Bloomingvails Christmas NFT Collection:

You will be asked to connect your Phantom wallet with the Solsea website, you need to accept or approve. Once connected to Solsea you simply click buy NFT on the Bloomingvails Christmas NFT of your choice and the Phantom wallet will ask for your approval again. If you approve you will have yourself one of the first ever Bloomingvails NFTs!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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