Christmas in Vail with Covid-19

We all know Santa likes to spread his Christmas joy, but obviously this year the important thing is not to spread the virus.  For those of us already thinking about how we are going to share the Christmas spirit this season in Vail, Colorado here’s a couple of Covid-19 Christmas tips. 

Keep the hand sanitizer on deck.  A sanitation station at the entrance of your house is important.  The puppy chow, and all other amazingly delicious Christmas snacks that are usually laid out on tables and counters for enjoying with company require extra attention this year. 

Christmas 2020 might be the year that you buy an already decorated Christmas tree, or even an artificial tree, in order to save yourself the stress.   This holiday will present unique challenges, remember to breathe, reflect, and appreciate the little things. 

If you are going to get people together make sure there is plenty of air circulation in the house.  Even though its cold, whenever possible out door meetings are better this season.  Play it safe from your home and order a fresh Christmas tree with a phone call to Bloomingvails Christmas decorating services.

If you’re lucky enough to spend this Christmas in beautiful Vail, Colorado then contact Debbie King and Bloomingvails for all your Christmas decorating desires.  Prioritize what’s important this year, your health and your family.  Let Bloomingsvails concentrate on converting your house into a Christmas wonderland so you can focus on spreading that Christmas joy (and not corona virus.)

-Contact Debbie King with Bloomingvails at (970) 390 0655 or

By Thomas Jeremiah King

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