Indoor and Outdoor Garland

Christmas garland history tells us that the early settlers to America brought the custom of Christmas garlands to this country. The garlands were used to decorate the Christmas trees. They are also for other adornment purposes like decorating the room or the house during the Christmas season. We find from the Christmas garland history, pine, spruce and cedar trees were used in the making of the Christmas garlands. There were other things used that include cornhusks, orange and scarlet pods of bittersweet, mosses, and dried fruits.

Bloomingvails, LLC can light up the entrance to your Vail Valley home this Christmas. We will string hundreds or thousands of twinkling white or colored energy-saving LED lights on your trees of any size. We decorate railings and home outlines. We also feature lighted deer, bears, and other animals.


Wreaths have been used as a decorative sign of Christmas for hundreds of years. Christmas wreaths can adorn any part of your home, inside or out. In many homes, this symbol of growth and everlasting life can be found both inside and out. It is common to find a number of wreaths on doors, over the mantle, or hung in windows.

Floral Arrangements

Bloomingvails LLC delivers florist quality poinsettias to your Vail home as well as throughout the valley. Poinsettias are available in 8′, 10’and 6.5′ pot sizes. Colors include traditional red, white, winter rose and burgundy. Other hybrids sizes are available upon request.
We use exotic flowers from around the world to make custom arrangements and centerpieces to suit your needs.
The poinsettia’s species name pulcherrima means “most beautiful” and that it is! Poinsettia’s brilliant red floral display held against rich green foliage has made this unlikely species a holiday favorite. Its appealing presentation of the traditional Christmas colors has so endeared poinsettia that it is now second only to the Christmas tree as the most popular holiday plant.